about us

Golden Bonbon is the living heritage of three generations of the Mazzucco family who take great pride in the production of a quality candy. Originally from the northern Italian region of Piemonte, the family's unique recipe established their reputation as respected artisans of torrone, also known as nougat.

Grandfather Giuseppe, a master pastry chef in the town of Asti, developed a secret recipe which involved a laborious nine-hour process. The unique result established Giuseppe's reputation as one of the finest torrone craftsmen in the region.

Giuseppe's son Riccardo continued the family tradition. He set up a successful nougat manufacturing business in Perth, Western Australia. In 1992, Riccardo and his sons Marco and Enrico brought the family's expertise to Vancouver, Canada.

Golden Bonbon’s emphasis on traditional production methods are aimed at quality and prevents it from producing industrial-scale quantities. Golden Bonbon’s varied and elegant confections can be found in a variety of specialty and retail stores. Its product is distributed across Canada, USA, Asia and Europe.

Riccardo Mazzucco (far left), in a family portrait with his father Giuseppe, mother Rosa and sister Elsa, introduced Golden Bonbon torrone to Canada in 1992.

The Mazzucco family crest dates back to the 14th century.

the history of torrone

Torrone is a popular traditional Italian candy which boasts a long and glorious history. The root of its history is based in ancient Rome.

A sweet treat made from honey, almonds and eggs was reserved for special functions or as an offering to the gods.

Other cultures are known to have a similar version. The Arabs are reputed to have introduced almond nougat to Spain.

In Italy the first documented mention of torrone was in the year 1441 in Cremona. At the wedding of Francesco Sforza to Maria Bianca Visconti, a new treat was created in their honour.

Shaped like the “Torrazzo” the famous tower of Cremona, this delicacy became popularly known as torrone.