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Golden Bonbon Torrone, Since 1948

Golden Bonbon’s emphasis on traditional production methods are aimed at quality products. Using the freshest ingredients found around the world and forgoing industrial-scale quantities, Golden Bonbon produces a true artisanal nougat.

Following a time honoured tradition by using the same family recipes for three generations, very little has changed over the years as our nougat is still largely hand-made.

Watch our process in the video, starting from all natural ingredients to a finished packaged product.

It All Starts With The Right Ingredients

Giuseppe Mazzucco never compromised and used only the best ingredients. Today, that standard still stands at Golden Bonbon. 

Premium Air Roasted Almonds

Our almonds are hand selected and air roasted to a perfect golden brown, as we have done for three generations. Like all good things, the process takes time and care. Each batch is carefully inspected by our master roaster. Air roasting imparts a fresher taste and distinctive aroma, and is considered healthier than oil roasting.

Canada's Purest Honey

Clover Honey

The Peace River region in Alberta is regarded as one of the most pristine areas on earth. Fresh air, clear water and clover plants are a perfect habitat for honeybees. The healthy ecosystem guarantees the quality of our honey.

Clover honey is one of the most well-known and recognizable types of honey, featuring a natural fresh aroma. Containing antioxidants and anti-microbial properties, it is often referred as a miracle food.

100% Pure and Natural

Canadian Maple Syrup

Maple syrup’s nutritional value – fewer calories and carbohydrates - is superior to other common sweeteners such as honey, sugar.

Featuring two premium products from France

Guerande Sea Salt & Normandy Cream

Guerande Sea Salt is harvested in Brittany, France and has amazing flavour notes of the sea without being overly salty.

Normandy Cream is a luscious, thick cream with a distinctive tangy flavour.

The king of antioxidant foods

Blueberries & Cranberries

Blueberries and cranberries are native to North America and available year round in British Columbia, Canada. Our BC blueberries and cranberries are sourced from local farms in Vancouver, which is home to the largest berry producers in Canada.

Over 70 years and three generations

we haven't change our recipe

Golden Bonbon nougat has a texture similar to Nougat de Montelimar from France, light and delicate and not too chewy. Each small, hand crafted artisanal batch of nougat is made with care and quality.

From Our Family To Yours